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During the floods of 1996, Isleton, families who were displaced by the floods were offered shelter by Ralph and Charli Hand, owners of the Hotel Del Rio.  When people visited their homes, they remarked that the labels on the Spam cans were the only labels that survived.  Charli decided to make some fun of it and the Spam Contest was created.

The contestants cook Spam, carve Spam, dress up in Spam costumes and even appoint a "Captain Spam." 

Spam dishes submitted in past years include Corn Chowder with Spam, Spamaghetti, Spam Pumpkin Soup, Off Road Spam Rollies, Heart-Shaped Spamoni, Sweet & Sour Spam and Spam Wonton Soup.

Of course, when the contest is over, the Spam party starts.  Dancing to live music and drinking take center stage at the Hotel Del Rio.

Next year's contest will continue the tradition of creative Spam cooking, a Spam eating contest, Spam costumes, Live Music and fun for all.

Here are some Spam facts

  • Hormel produced its first can of Spam in 1937
  • The original product was spiced ham
  • In 1959, the billionth can was produced ... the Spam total passed six billion in 2002
  • In the US, a can of Spam is consumed every 3.6 seconds
  • Per capita, the biggest Spam consumers are Hawaiians
  • Sept 2001, the Spam Museum opened in Austin, MN, Hormel's hometown

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